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Originally Posted by CruiseSC View Post
On my first cruise many moons ago I used a ta (al gore had not created the Internet yet) I had a question and called the line and the first thing the rep asked was are you working with a ta? When I said yes The rep was almost rude he wanted to hang up so quickly. I was told that they were not allowed to speak with me if I was working with a ta

Concerning getting best cruise info from a ta HA. Not in my experience. TAs are right there with used car salesmen as far as knowledge and professionalism. Disclaimer: yours are probably wonderful.

Who needs a ta when you have access to scores of cruise related websites and communitiies of cruisers.
You're right! Our TA is wonderful! No cruise line's rep will talk to you if you're booked through a TA. This is not anything new. If you use a TA they "own" your booking. A TA who is a Cruise Specialist can work wonder's for you! You can get discount's from their company, OBC's, and if you ever need help, they'll be there for you!

Yes, you can book on your own, but you get NO service. I guess it depend's on what you want... .
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