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Default Thursday I Think

A very early good morning from me who is sleepless in Pictou County.
I have been up all night with a sick doggie who tried some new food yesterday.
Not a good idea, she has been out 3 times with diarrhea overnight and needed a bath each time she came in.
Poor thing is suffering, and I'm not getting any sleep, but that's OK, I'll sleep later...

Wednesday was a very nice day out. The weather was perfect, and we had a nice visit to the port of Halifax, including a great Fish 'n Chips lunch on an outdoor terrace right on the water.
There are photos in the Personal Gallery if you're interested, but I have to post one here of the only cruise ship we saw in Halifax:

Yup, that's Theodore Too, the Tugboat. You can book rides on Theodore to sail out in the harbour and greet the cruise ships as they come in to port! Unfortunately, there were NO cruise ships in yesterday, but we're going back next month with visitors, so I will try again!

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