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Good Morning CruiseMates!!!
RD Sorry to hear your poor baby is under the weather. It is amazing how some dogs and cats can eat pretty much anything that isn't nailed down, while others are sensitive to any change. It is also kind of scary when you buy pet food to know what it actually contains and where those ingredients came from. I saw your pics of Theodore and he is absolutely adorable. He looks like something out of Thomas The Tank Engine. I hope you get to go out on him during your next visit.

Darlene enjoy PGB today, they grow up so quickly. These days are precious.

I had a great day yesterday, today I have a lighter schedule early in the day and then d/d has a softball game tonight and I have another choir practice tonight. Hopefully d/h will get home in time so I can make it to both without having to clone myself.

Can you guys believe this month is nearly half over? Time is flying by. I have barely had time to do anything outside lately. I am frustrated by that, so this weekend I have nothing that absolutely has to be done aside from going to church on Sunday, and I intend to do some serious relaxation and enjoy my home and my yard. You know all this stuff we work so hard to have, and then forget to take the time to actually enjoy? That's right, I am going to spend the weekend back on my patio, in the pool and the hot tub, maybe I will go get myself a good book to devour and go buy a nice chaise lounge to lay back on. I also bought a tree swing but have yet to hang it from the tree yet. So that's my plan!

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