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Originally Posted by mrrobb View Post
Welcome to the best online community of fellow cruisers. The best answers and most advice for all the first timers out there. Just thought I 'd try something different. A few questions if you will, to help you fit in, share some info about yourself and reason to cruise, and to help introduce yourself to all the veteran cruisers out there. They have all been there, done that and have that knowledge and experience to help you make that first experience a smooth and relaxing one.

1. some basics: gender,age range,marital status,dependents
2. what took you so long to book a cruise, and why?
3. what made you decide on the itinery you chose
4. biggest worry or concearn since booking
5. current uncertainty or question

I'll begin if it makes you comfortable
Hi there, first time cruiser, soon to be

1. I am a male, 32, married with 1 daughter.
2. Haven't booked yet, but will probably in 2 weeks time.
3. Chose a short cruise out of Mobile because I can drive to there and wanted to start small and cheaper.
4. Biggest worry is not knowing anything yet.
5. Main uncertainty right now is a question regarding phones and using them on board, it is looking to be expensive, but I'm not sure.

I welcome all help and advice and thanks in advance.
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