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Default The Upgrade Fairy Strikes

While aboard the Island Princess for our b2b, FLL-Acapulco in February we heard that the Star Princess was scheduled for a TA, FLL to Copenhagen in March. We enquired of the price structure and thought we’d give that one a pass. But we received a call from the Future Cruise Desk advising us of a Flash Price which was almost half of the original. Like a fish observing a worm on a hook, we thought that perhaps we were by then cruised out and headed for home. As we all know, such feeling passes quickly. We waited a few weeks and then took the bait. The problem being of course was that we would want nothing less than a balcony, and preferably on Caribe deck. However, by that time everything in that category had been booked.

We accepted a guaranteed balcony and hoped for the best. Each day we checked in to see what might have been assigned us and each day it was blank. Visions of being placed in a cabin just under the anchor chain bothered us somewhat but we held in. It was only about a week before sailing that we were advised of our assigned accommodations… a FULL SUITE. We could hardly believe our luck.

The spring repositioning TA is not the best of cruises taking into consideration the weather and the number of days at sea, like five consecutive. So it is not considered a popular cruise. But just being aboard a ship is what it is all about for us. We knew a couple of FOD’s aboard and met several others. It was interesting to hear that one couple booked a guaranteed Mini Suite, that category also being fully booked, but ended being assigned only exactly that, a Mini. Another couple booked a guaranteed Mini and was assigned a Full Suite. So go figure, the Upgrade Fairy does discriminate.

You can imagine the feeling of “How Ya Gona Keep’em Down On The Farm After They Seen Pareee” The Suite was awesome, the marble walled walk in shower, the whirlpool bath, a full wet bar, walk in closet, fresh flowers, welcoming champagne plus oodles of other perks. The balcony with its teak wood furniture was massive. We’ll attach a photo of that. But what now? Can we now go back to a simple balcony? There is method to this upgrade madness for sure, and that worm looks more and more appetizing each day…
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