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Yes, I put the reviews online and I see the word "dinning" more than any other spelling error. It used to make me nuts but now I just am over it.

But it makes me crazy when I see the ship staff using it (all the time) even in the daily program and such.

I don't understand how people could not remember one of the most basic rules of English, (long vowel = single consonant) though. I isn't like its a trick word.

My favorite review was the one where the reviewer said "dismemberment" instead of "disembarkation"

And that is another one - I think disembarkation is an overly long and pretentious word - so Carnival says "Debarkation" - but some people do not like that word and insist on disembarkation.

Here is another one, "where is the gangplank?" - that one gets to me.

It's a "gangway" not a "gangplank" - what are we pie-rates?

Another common one is "traveler" which the Brits write as "traveller"

Another oddity is we say "Carnival Cruise Lines is offering open dining" while the Brits say "Carnival Lines are offering open dining"

I often struggle with: compel and compelling, cancel and canceling
And spelling occasionally is never easy.
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