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Freedom - what we liked: Loved the promenade. Beautiful decor. Thrilled that our side-by-side balconies were able to be opened. Helipad at night in the wind was awesome! Loved the shower door rather than a curtain in the cabin. Enjoyed all the options in the Windjammer and loved Sorrentos! Easy on and off the ship too.

Freedom - confused about: Had no idea that the coffee shop offered free coffee and pastries until the last day. Thought it was a specialty shop only that cost extra.

Freedom - didn't like: Number of people on elevators all the time. Was forced to use the stairs to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. The dining room staff really, really angered me on multiple occasions. I do not like to be made to feel obligated to eat in the dining room. The crew hounded me and questioned me and pressured me as to why I wasn't there on a given night and whether or not I'd be there the next night. It was ridiculous. Also, was kicked off treadmill in the gym for wearing crocs. They weren't considered acceptable foot attire.

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