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Mark, have a great time. The QMII is a fantastic ship. The B&W ball is a lot of fun. You'll be fine in any combination of B&W . . . . . white dinner jacket or black . . . . it doesn't matter.

They do a game called the "Officers Gavant". They ask couples to come down and get in a big circle. One couple standing behind the other with the men in the inside. Then they ask the men to go out into the crowd and get another lady who then stands on the other side with the man in the middle. Then, after instruction on what to do, they begin the music and the fun begins.

I know that you're a gay couple, but you guys should grab a couple of ladies (and then two more) and have some fun. It's all good fun.

I hope you and your partner have a wonderful time. The QMII is a fantastic ship. My wife and I love it.
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