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Default Live from Epic 6-24 Crossing Paul Motter

This is will be my first post about this trip. I am in Southampton but have not yet seen the ship. It had already sailed.

I found out by meeting Alan and Katrina at my hotel last night. This lovely couple that posts by Kandajones, came out to see me at my hotel last night.

Thank you so much for coming out to greet me, it was so nice to see a couple of friendly faces after my fairly rigourous travel from Phoenix, via Los Angeles, Heathrow and the the local bus to Southampton.

But I did find out you can GET a bus to southampton for about 17 quid, that is good. It arrives about 2:30 pm even if the World Cup is about to show on TV.

The bad news was that you have to be VERY CAREFUL booking the Holiday Inn in Southampton. I would have sworn on the bible I booked the one by the pier, and lo and behold I ended up in a corn field northeast of the city - depressing and 17 quid by taxi. I was mad!

But all Holiday Inn would say was "well, that is what your reservation says" - YEAH I KNOW - but that isnt what I asked for. AS IF I have the abilty to look at a Southampton address on two different streetnames (neither related to water, ships, docks, etc) and know I am in the cornfields.

In the end it didnt matter anyway - the ship had sailed so I wont see it until today.

I am booked in a STUDIO STATEROOM and I am excited. Rudy Maxa will be interviewing me by radio twice this week, for those who follow him.

Stay tuned here for updates and pictures of my journey!

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