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I saw another standard balcony cabin - and they are so small. The reason they have curves is to steal sq. footage from you. You can’t walk past the sink if someone is standing there. The couch is so narrow you are staring at a blank wall - there is not enough room for a TV by the couch and the one in front of the bed does not swivel. The couch area in a balcony cabin is all but useless. There does not appear to be enough room to separate the beds.
The bathrooms ARE frosted enough, however, from what I see, in the standard cabins. IN MY cabin however, the shower is see-though glass above the neck and below the thighs – which means if you drop anything…. but these are for singles.

The TVs in the rooms are big enough but the TVs don’t swivel.

There are no locks to keep people out of their studio stateroom area as advertised - even the studio lounge. Strangers walk in and out all the time. And it doesn't matter because the studio living room is a dead zone. All they have is one bartender who runs out if someone walks in. (no one stays) the TVs in there are not working, so there is no reason to stay there. This will be fixed bit is not yet.
I thought on this ship that singles would be congregating in that living room. That certainly isn’t happening on this cruise, but it is the first night and the TVs are not working. I don’t like the way it is set up, though. It has a bar (OK), but the is functionally just one big TV. There are no snacks.

Anyway, tomorrow I start investigating the entertainment. Once again, this is a long cruise and these are just initial thoughts, but we'll see if it get any better. If it stays like this, I honestly don't think I could recommend this cruise ship unless it is priced the same as Voyager or a Carnival ship.

But I am sure the entertainment will be the redeeming factor here. The thing is, I just don't see this as a beautiful ship. Doug Ward said "it'll be a party ship."
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