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Default June 25th Afternoon

Good News! I finally got a shower, whew. Unfortunately I had to go to gym to do it. The Steiner Girls saw me walking in with my scrubby and shaving gel and just shrugged like “there’s another one.”

Word is that many, many people have shower problems. Many of us only have scalding hot water, but many people just don’t have the hardware to even get water to the showerhead. Now, you have to wonder how people could possibly be booked into a cabin does doesn’t have a complete shower. I can see an inspector missing my shower problem, but how does one miss the fact that the shower hardware is missing completely and not fix that before the ship is delivered.

My guess is that maintenance is cannibalizing working showers to fix the ones with faulty valves like mine. In fact, of the two showers in gym, one was missing the shower valves.

I saw the guys from Allin Interactive while we were docked in Southampton. These are the people who designed and installed the interactive TV system. I am laughing now because they we strutting arounding like “everything is under control” – but now that we are out to sea half the people I meet do not have working televisions.

One thing no one knows is what shows they have booked unless they wrote it down before they left. You cannot access reservations on the television. The line at the show reservation desk is as bad aas guest services; about 50 people long, because you can’t book online and you can’t see what you have booked.

I was lucky, I tried the TV system the first day and realized it was not going to show me my reservations, so I just called and they had my schedule for the whole cruise. They were kind enough to print it out and deliever it to me. It came to “Mr Potter,” (my name is Motter). And I just met some CruiseMates friends who told me that when I called them my name came up as George (My first name is Paul). So, my guess is that as far as the crew onboard knows, my name is George Potter.

Anyway –aside from showers and TVs, I have heard everyone say the phone system is not working right. There is no button for the front desk (!) and dialing 0 does not work either. I happen to know the real number is 00 but I forget how I learned that. There is also no way to retrieve your phone messages. I had to call 00 to find out the number to retrieve your messages, it is 3333. I only know that now, though, because at first I was told it was 333, so I had to call 00 back to say 33 didn’t work and the conversation went like this:

(Me) “Hi, you told the message number is 333 but that doesn’t work”
(Philippine voice) “Jussaminna – Oh! number four threes.”
“No, four three!”
“no, three four times”
“four times three?”
“no! times four, four times”
“four times three?”
“yes, four time three”
“four times three is 12”
“No, three four times”
“Like in a waltz? Three-four time?”
“Mr. Potter, please!”
“Call me George. Now what was that number again?”

That’s pretty much the way it is here. I have not met one person without a problem. If it isn’t the shower it is the television, the phone is bad for everyone, and no one seems to have a working safe.

But food is darn good. I just had the fish ‘n chips in O’Sheehan’s and it was delicious, as well as the real Belgian French Fries –(yes, in case you didn’t know the world’s best French Fries come from Belgium).

Tonight I have a treat, I am going to eat in the Charascurria. This South American style of braising fine meat over an open pit, slow roasting like many people would do to a pig, except they do it to prime cuts of meat, is just delicious and I am really looking forward to it. They bring the cuts of meat to you on a spit and slice it right onto your plate.

But for now I think I will go walk the 500 feet back to my Living Room and not watch TV. Bye for now! Tune in later and see what’s new. It’s now been 24 hours since I complained about not having a working shower. On most ships that would be a major problem, but it doesn’t even move the needle here.

Ahh - I ahve just arrived here and they are indeed fixing the television in this room as I tytpe. I am about to upload more pics and will provide a new link below.
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