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To answer some of the topics brought up above...

Without a doubt there are real problems and there are shakedown problems, and the vast majority of what I have described are shakedown problems:

TVs and showers and phones and safes can be fixed. There is a button for message retrieval, but it is not programmed to work. That should have been earlier, but it can be fixed.

If you are booked on this ship make your dining and show reservations in advance and write them down.

Also note - studio staterooms do not come with hair dryers or coffee makers as other NCL cabins do.

Earlier I described a balcony cabin where the couch area was very small and useless. In that cabin the sink was across from the bed, but I just left one where the sink is on the same side of the room as the bed, and those have much bigger showers and a vanity mirror by the couch, much more utile.

I have met more people - no TV, no electricity, one had the AC stuck on full - all shakedown problems, though.

No, the serious, lasting "problems" are really just more a matter of taste in the decor and the bathroom facilities.

The food is far better than I expected based on people saying "oh, they want to drive you to the pay restaurants" - not true.

And I am sure the entertainment is going to prove to be exceptional. It is almost like NCL knew this ship was not up to NCL standards in some ways, and as the flag ship they said "well, we have to make up for it - with great entertainment."

I am going to upload my latest photo album now.
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