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"(Me) “Hi, you told the message number is 333 but that doesn’t work”
(Philippine voice) “Jussaminna – Oh! number four threes.”

“No, four three!”
“no, three four times”
“four times three?”
“no! times four, four times”
“four times three?”
“yes, four time three”
“four times three is 12”
“No, three four times”
“Like in a waltz? Three-four time?”
“Mr. Potter, please!”
“Call me George. Now what was that number again?”"

Umm, who's on first???
I'm enjoying your reports! Remind me to NEVER do a shakedown cruise !

I'd like to see pictures of the shower/toilet area in the "regular" cabins.

If I had a choice of cruising in a single cabin on Epic or not cruising, I'd book the Epic.

While I think people will still sail the Epic, I have to agree with Trip ! It's the new Edsel!

"A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour."

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