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Hi Paul, Thank you for taking the time on your sailing to tell about your adventures and about your thoughts. I hope you let the staff onboard know about your suggestions especially regarding the studio living room having a board for leaving notes. Did a passenger just put some type of meeting board up or did the staff put something up? Is it a real board or is it something makeshift? Hotel Director Klaus always welcomes suggestions from his passengers regarding improvements to the passenger experience and I am sure this would get addressed.

I am also glad you finally waited in the living room to meet others. Often times people go to a venue and see an empty room and leave. As you found out, the key is to stay and wait for others to arrive. Maybe a note on the meeting board could be arranging cocktail socials (or maybe through the bartender).

I was surprised to read non studio passengers were walking through the area. Again, this is something the staff onboard would need to know so they can fix. If they do not fix it, then take a look-see up in the courtyard area to see if that is not secured for suite passengers only and report back to us...hehehe.

I think I am on the same future Epic sailing as you. I am new to this cruisemates site although I thought I had joined years ago. Maybe I was just a lurker back then! I enjoy your writing style and your humor. Thanks again for sharing the information.
Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

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