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I truly appreciate all of the thoughtful responses each post def gives me something to think about-

We are new to cruising yes--my husbands parents have been doing Disney cruises for a few years and are begging us to join in that addiction with them...we cant afford those as frequently as they do them and since neither of my sons or my husband or myself have been on a cruise ship we wanted to try out an inexpensive quick trip and be sure it was something we can all handle before sinking a ton of money into a DCL trip that we plan on taking next year. We also didnt want to start the kids off with "disney" expectations and then have them spoiled so that kids zones on other lines arent as impressive if that makes any sense.

Its extremely sad that others disgusting violating(al beit legal) habits can actually affect a families entire vacation plans-- I completely agree that there should be a smoking and non smoking SIDE of the has this not been a resolution that cruise lines have come up with already?--are there really THAT many paying smokers aboard cruise ships that they need to be on both sides of the ship?

I wish I could carry around an aerosol bottle filled with 4000 cancer causing toxins and just randomly spray it around for 5-10 minutes whenever I feel like it and then just toss the remnants of the can on the ground or overboard or onto someone else's balcony or smash it into a glass dish and leave it for the next people who sit at the table to look at -of course that would be considered assault--I know I am probably pissing a lot of smokers off with my holier then thou attitude about it all, but really it is extremely unfair
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