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We were on the Liberty 2 weeks ago and within 5 minutes of going to our cabins we knew there might be a problem for the next week. You see, some heavy smoker (like a freight train) was just a couple of doors up from my daughters' family's stateroom and mine/oldest granddaughter's room was directly across from hers.

He'd hang halfway out his door smoking away and making the hallway stink with cigarette smell which would drift into our rooms. My daughter mentioned to him that she didn't think there was smoking allowed in the hallway. He replied, "Ok, then I'll just step back in here!", smoking away with his door open.....and the smell continued to reek into anyone's cabin who was near his whenever they opened their door. Nothing could be done because he apparently was smoking in his cabin as was allowed, even if he was inconsiderate to leave his door open while puffing away.

One night the hall reeked of pot......hmmmmmm, wonder where THAT was coming from?