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We recently returned from a HAL cruise and on board at a get together we were told how our automatic tip was distributed, so much for the cabin steward, so much for the dining staff, bar staff, kitchen and laundry etc. That gave us a good idea of whether we felt particular services warranted extra tips etc. We got very good service from everyone, so left the tips on, but on a Princess Cruise a few years ago we had them removed and did our own thing. I think it depends on whether you feel you have good service or not. Cruising is no longer the privelage of the rich, but some of us do have to save up quite some time to still afford it . As a previous cruisemate said, we too felt we'd paid enough for the cruise anyway and the extra charges on top for gratuities can add a sizeable chunk to the holiday which hasn't been accounted for in the budget. We would never remove tips altogether, but would adjust if we felt necessary, and reward personally those we felt excelled in their service.
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