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This is a new picture album showing some of Blue Man Group (what pictures were allowed) - a dinner at Teppenyaki with Doug Ward and Roberto Martinoli and several Steiner girls.

And the Studio Stateroom lounge which is really starting to come to life. I honestly think this is going to be a great ship for solo cruisers. I am having tons more fun just because it is so easy to meet people.

They now have a solo's host coming in the lounge daily, they are leaving real food there daily (sandwiches, desserts, salads), they have TVs and hot coffee & cookies 24 hours.

This is a good thing - if they can make this ship popular with solo cruisers that alone will be enough to make it successful.

Blue Man Group was every bit as good as I hoped they would be - they did not skimp one bit on the show - fantastic.

Just one caveat - they allow kids under five in the show and THEY SHOULD NOT. Hearing toddlers chattering nonsense ruins the cerebral seriousness of the show. The show is all about timing, with great pregnant pauses and facial expressions. The kids making noise breaks the magic of the performance in a big way.

If you have never seen BMG this won't matter much, but as a BMG vet I can tell you (NCL) it makes a huge difference in your perception of the show. this is not a show for toddlers - it s a sophisticaed show for adults , even if it is all visual with very little dialogue.

Anyway - the pics are here.

I recommend getting in line at least an hour early (even with a reservation) to get a close seat.
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