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Statement as of 10:00 PM CDT on June 30, 2010

...Alex moving inland over northeastern Mexico...
summary of 1000 PM CDT...0300 UTC...information-----------------------------------------------location...24.3n 97.8wabout 35 mi...55 km N of La Pesca Mexicoabout 110 mi...180 km S of Brownsville Texasmaximum sustained winds...100 mph...160 km/hrpresent movement...W or 260 degrees at 10 mph...17 km/hrminimum central pressure...947 mb...27.96 inches

watches and warnings--------------------changes with this advisory...
the Hurricane Warning is changed to a Tropical Storm Warning for thecoast of Texas south of Baffin Bay to the mouth of the Rio Grande.
Summary of watches and warnings in effect...
a Hurricane Warning is in effect for...* the coast of Mexico from the mouth of the Rio Grande to La Cruz
a Tropical Storm Warning in in effect for...* the coast of Texas from the mouth of the Rio Grande to PortOconnor* the coast of Mexico south of La Cruz to Cabo Rojo
for storm information specific to your area in the UnitedStates...including possible inland watches and warnings...pleasemonitor products issued by your local National Weather Serviceforecast office. For storm information specific to your area outsideUnited States...please monitor products issued by your Nationalmeteorological service.

Discussion and 48-hour outlook------------------------------at 1000 PM CDT...0300 UTC...the center of Hurricane Alex was locatednear latitude 24.3 north...longitude 97.8 west. This position isjust inland of the coast of northeastern Mexico in the municipalityof Soto La Marina. Alex is moving toward the west near 10 mph...17km/hr...and this motion is expected to continue for the next day orso. On this track...the center of Alex will move farther inlandover northeastern Mexico on Thursday.
Maximum sustained winds are near 100 mph...160 km/hr...with highergusts. Alex is a category two hurricane on the Saffir-Simpsonhurricane wind scale. Steady weakening will occur as the tropicalcyclone moves over land...and Alex is expected to dissipate overMexico within 1 to 2 days.
Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 35 miles...55 km...fromthe center...and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 205miles...335 km.
An Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft reported a minimum centralpressure of 947 mb...27.96 inches...just before landfall.

Hazards affecting land----------------------rainfall...Alex is expected to produce total rainfall accumulationsof 6 to 12 inches over portions of northeastern Mexico and southernTexas...with isolated maximum amounts of 20 inches. These rainscould cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides...especially over mountainous terrain.
Wind...hurricane-force winds are spreading inland over a portion ofthe Hurricane Warning area over northeastern Mexico. These windswill decrease on Thursday.
Storm surge...a dangerous storm tide will raise water levels byas much as 4 to 6 feet above ground level along the immediate coastto the north of where the center has made landfall. The water couldpenetrate inland as far as several miles from the shore with depthgenerally decreasing as the storm tide moves inland. Near thecoast...the surge will be accompanied by large and destructivewaves. The storm tide and waves will gradually diminish onThursday.
Tornadoes...isolated tornadoes are possible over portions of extremesouthern Texas overnight.

Next advisory-------------next intermediate advisory...100 am CDT.Next complete advisory...400 am CDT.
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