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One common thing about regulations and regulators....

everyone wants rules in place to cover actions and activities for things they don't do, but are dead set against any such rules and regulations that affect what they do chose to do.

At the moment there's some discussions going on about eliminating serving peanuts on airplanes, because some people suffer from severe and even life threatening allergies. A serious situation, for sure! But is it reasonable to legislate regulations to protect them?

I personally have a severe aversion to people who've had way too much to drink (probably from 30+ years in the bar business). I've seen how much damage alcohol can to do to people, their families, and strangers who've been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and yes.. on cruise ships too. So, I might like to see more control of alcohol consumption on ships. Yet, for years the message boards are filled with posts by "good upstanding citizens" asking for the best ways to get around the rules, and smuggle extra alcohol on board.

Life (and life onboard) is dictated to be a series of compromises to function as a society. And part of that has to be the responsibility of indivuals to avoid situations that they don't care, or they see as potentially injurious to their health.

So... people have to make choices for themselves. And that might mean choosing a cruise lines who's rules and regulations suit your needs best, rather than demanding the lines change their rules to suit your needs.