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KuKI you are right on. I love how some people must be on their balconys 24/7 the way they over complaine to make it sound good about smokers. They must never go to eat, walk around the ship, shows, get off the ship. All they have to do is smell smoke one time and it was all week. We have 26 cruises on balconys on different lines and on a few we got a wiff a few times, the way the wind blows nothing is around long. Its rare that anybody is ever out on their balconys on either side all the times we are on ours. We think we use our balcony alot and still only are on it maybe 2 hrs a day total, to many other things going on. As far as inside the cabin we have never smelled smoke, around the ship on the smokeing side of the lido sometimes you will but not everytime you walk by. Same as in the casino sometimes you do sometimes you don't. If it bothers us we move on. Every cruise will be different.
Everybody know what the policys are when you book a cruise or they should. All they have to do is read your ticket info and policys instead of complaining. Have a nice cruise.
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