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Really my only option is to cancel and book with another cruise line- That then is not compromise. Thats one "side" having to give up completely-and its sad that its the victimized side that loses this battle, all for the mighty dollar
While I sympathize about the problem you initially described with an asthmatic son, after you received the answer you didn't like you kind of went of a tangent.

The fact (perhaps sadly) is that you do have a choice. There are cruise lines where the rules regulate smoking much more stringently. And those who do smoke also have a choice to not sail on those lines.

It's really not about smoking being good or bad, even smokers likely know it's bad. But... while some cruise lines allow it, and some don't, those are the choices. To book a cruise on a line that does allow smoking, and then complain about it is a tough sell.

You really want the choice to be yours PERIOD.

BTW... Even in Arizona smoking is legal. There are laws regulating where it's allowed, but it is not a smoke free state.

I do hope you get to cruise, and you get to enjoy it! But at present, it seems the situation with your son is serious, and in favor of his safety, I highly recommend looking at alternate ships, with much more restrictive policies.