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Sorry if replying to posts in a topic I created comes off as "going on a tangent"

People get passionate about things that heat them up --Everyone knows that smoking is a hot button issue in general. My topic clearly states the question and even provides a visual cue that this post is not a happy one--Since I created this thread I have a reason to return to it multiple times to read additional replies its natural I would have something to say about the responses no? But if my something to say isnt the same as others I should not say it at all? Seems I am not the only one that wants "my say" period.

Yes as I read replies I got more and more anxious and more and more disappointed that indeed cruising is perhaps not the ideal vacay for our family...Perhaps put yourself in my shoes I just booked a cruise and asked a very valid question and was told right off the bat by basically everyone that my only option was to cancel...I think that warrants a bit of disgust but thats just MY opinion.

Yes smoking is still legal in AZ but it is so restricted and so removed from everyday life that it did not occur to me at all that smoking would be allowed on a cruise ship where people basically live for a week or more at a time--just as it does not occur to me to ask for a non smoking room when I book hotels or to be seated in the non smoking section at a restaurant..those things simply do not exist in our life anymore so it was an honest mistake to book on probably one of the most liberal smoking policy big lines there is --as I stated in my original post if it had not been for message boards like these this thought never would have crossed my mind--

We didnt seek out a smoking ship to just have something to complain about, but yes I do feel its unfair and wont be quiet about it if thats what is being eluded to. Change will never occur if people just stew quietly to themselves about injustices.
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