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I wish I could carry around an aerosol bottle filled with 4000 cancer causing toxins and just randomly spray it around for 5-10 minutes whenever I feel like it and then just toss the remnants of the can on the ground or overboard or onto someone else's balcony or smash it into a glass dish and leave it for the next people who sit at the table to look at
I was very sympathetic, and supplied what I thought was the most helpful answer I could, to your first question. But this portion in your next reply kind of set the tone.

You want what you want, and that's it!

The lines are moving to more restrictive policies, but to this point, Carnival, HAL, Princess, and Costa (from Carnival Corporation brands) do allow smoking in cabins and on balconies.

In most cases, the vast majority of the public rooms and lounges are non smoking venues. Some ships are better laid out in relation to being able to avoid the "smoking allowed areas", others less so.

So, the reality is (sadly for you), it's your choice to research and find the one presently best suited to your situation.

For your particular situation, if you think the best thing is to stick with your booking on Carnival, I'd try to get the farthest aft cabin I could book. Then, if there are people smoking on their balcony, the smoke should be carried away quite quickly whenever the ship is underway.