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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
I can see how someone who did not realise smoking was still allowed on cruise ships could be horrified to find out that it was, when in most countries it is now illegal in public places.
I agree completely. And that's why I immediately tried to offer information that the best option would be to look at other lines where smoking is not allowed, except in very limited spots.

It's really a case of if you don't like a company's business model and practices (regarding anything) you voice your objections the most clearly with your wallet. Then the company eventually gets the message, and may make changes.

But, when a company makes the changes to fit your needs, and people elect not to support them, they may decide they've made a mistake and return to their "more successful" policies.

Most businesses are very competitive, and listen to what their customer's wallets tell them. The cruise industry is no different. In the case of the cruise industry there's no government regulations setting policy on this subject, so they do what they think is right for their profitability.

Certainly in the United States Fox News tells us people want less government regulation; that capitalism will balance everything out, because business knows what's best, and good for them. For that to be anywhere near to true, customers have to voice their opinions with their wallets.

But, as I said before, people tend to just want laws to regulate the things they don't do, and leave what they do alone. It's not just about smoking, it's an overall hypocrisy.