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Just back from a cruise on the Dream.
it pretty much as smoking on one side of the ship and not the other.
they seem to have smoking rooms and non smoking.
I think if someone smokes they have that right to enjoy just like those
that dont smoke.
A few of the bars had smoking and one small corner of the casino had
But for the biggest part of the ship its none smoking.
The liberty was pretty much like that too.
your best bet would be to ask for the side with out smoking I am sure
they have rooms that no one has smoked in.

so let the smokers smoke and pay extra taxes you dont
and stay on the other side of the ship.

You might want to stick to Disney they most likely dont let you smoke
on their ships since they are for kids...

Spa rooms on the dream are all none smoking.
when you check for rooms on carnival they tell you if you can
smoke in those rooms.. look in the carnival book also it will tell
you there which ones cant be smoked in.

And being out side should be fine for any one that the smoke
does not agree with. Matter a fact the one pool at the back of the ships
are most likely all none smoking areas. the pool by the water slide has
smoking on one side only.

Just my 2 cents...