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Originally Posted by snowman1940 View Post
You obviously haven't checked out other cruise lines if you think Celebrity is the best.
Many years ago we cruised Carnival and although I think the ship is no longer operating it was the worst experience, our recent experience on our one and only Princess cruise has turned me off completely..Royal Caribbean, cruised Brilliance of the Seas a bit more than five years ago..and even loyal Royal Caribbean admitted the crew, food, entertainment were worst..NCL..being a Gold Member we cruised after several years the Gem last fall..NCL isn't what it used to be..but I would cruise them again.. as for HAL ..I consider myself too young but Celebrity has what I want..service and class... Would I cruise Princess again..they would practically have to beg me.. Royal Caribbean..maybe..NCL ... we will but Celebrity.. oh Celebrity..Sorry you had a bad experience. but I must tell you after 25 years of cruising even lines lines like Premier, Dolphin.. cruising isn't what it used to be..unless your going on luxury lines..and that is out of our budget.. Yes, I remember the days of "french service", white gloves, etc. etc. Every ship has it's own personality and playing bridge and a happy hour..The Celebrity Soltice movie room had first run movies and according to my husband well attended.. I did fault in my report the entertainment which was not the quality we are used to on trans-atlantic cruises and a major problem which developed the week we were on the ship.. As for the Constellation.. I met many people who loved the ship and sailed it many times..I'd go on it in a heart beat..
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