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She’s Not Christened Yet
We’re still VERY slowly making our way to Venice. Actually at the moment it doesn’t feel like we’re moving at all. Maybe we’re waiting for the berth to open up.
I had some time to wander the ship the ship this afternoon, and so far from everything I’ve seen the entire décor is understated elegance and sophistication. Gone are what some considered over-bright hues found on the Zuiderdam. That’s not to say there aren’t some very vibrant colors used in the décor, but they are used more for accents than to make any fashion design statements.
After spending the last week reading all about the “Epic bathrooms” I have to admit I was happy walking into a cabin with a “normal” bathroom set up. And I’m in the cabin by myself, so it should make absolutely no difference to me. We’re just creatures of habit I guess.
One interesting innovation on the Nieuw Amsterdam that I’ve noted; in the cabin, your room key/ sail & spend, must go into a slot by the doorway to turn on the lights. A resultant by-product is that there’s no hunting for the key when you go to leave. I’m always throwing mine on a counter, then it winds up under something, and there’s a 10 minute hunt. This is a thing of the past on this ship.
I don’t know the number, but I’m guessing there’s currently only a couple of hundred passengers on the ship at the moment, so there’s a bit of an eerie feeling as I’ve checked out various public rooms.
The Pinnacle Grille is visually stunning, and has to be my favorite spot. As I’m only onboard for 4 nights, I hope I get a chance to see if the taste is as good as the look.
Here’s some pictures to appreciate…

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