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SergeJ ....

Were you on Epic.

I would agree with you that for one person these cabins are excellent. The TV is huge and right in th emiddle of the bed (although there isnt much on TV). I also love the coffeee maker raher than having to set a time or wait for room service. I prefer to wake up naturally and have my coffee immediately.

I hope this is an idea they keep (although if Star Cruises ever buys out it could go away).

With no other person to have to get around there is no worry about privacy or tightness in certain spots.

Bottom line - this will make a GREAT singles ship and my guess is that as time goes on it will become known as THE singles ship in the cruise world. With the studio staterooms providing singles activities every night, and cabin where you do not need to get a roommate - this is the ideal set up for singles.

Of course, as soon as the ship gets its TV and phones fixed.

Okay, I gotta go - I think the Capital City Cloggers are waiting for this room.
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