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Every ship has two Captains and there is at least one 'float' Captain who goes where/when requested. Captain Jack retired a year or so ago but still sails ships when needed. Each ship has to have two Captains to rotate on and off for vacations. The usual pattern is three months aboard followed by three months off.

The Captains who were at the Dedication today are:

Captain Kees Deelstra, representing Statendam
Captain Andre van Schoonhoven, representing Maasdam
Captain Mark Rowden, representing Ryndam
Captain Peter Jan van Maurik, representing Veendam
Captain Sijbe de Boer, representing Rotterdam
Captain Pieter Visser, representing Volendam
Captain Henk Keijer, representing Zaandam
Captain Olav van der Waard, representing Amsterdam
Captain Halle Thon Gundersen, representing Prinsendam
Captain Chris Turner, representing Zuiderdam
Captain Jeroen Baaijens, representing Oosterdam
Captain Peter Harris, representing Westerdam
Captain Hans Mateboer, representing Noordam
Captain Jonathan Mercer, representing Eurodam
Catain Edward van Zaane, representing Nieuw Amsterdam

I thought it very effective having them arrive on their launches, each accompanied by a sailor and then appear on the elevated lift to the stage. They all looked so 'smart'. Very well done, IMO
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