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Default Re: Victory Family Cabins?

We have stayed in 6E twice. However we only had 4 people. How are they saying you will fit 5? We had two twins, converting sofa that converts to a twin and a pull down from the ceiling. Which made the sofa anfdpull down look like bunk beds. We loved this category because you just walked past the most 10 rooms and you go out the door to the pool deck. The floor to ceiling window is beautiful but a bit deceptive. It slants in, it does not go straight up and down. We were unable to get this category for our next one in 5 weeks. We only booked it 2 weeks ago. We will believe it or not be on the first level. We hope we don't go into shock! However we got two rooms which will double our space we had in the 6E cat. Cat 6E is wonderful but I would be a little concerned with 5 people. Good luck.
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