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Originally Posted by snowman1940 View Post
You obviously haven't checked out other cruise lines if you think Celebrity is the best.

You are soooo right! Each of us can sure have a personal opinion about what cruise line we prefer and sadly some do go on a cruise just looking for small things to complain about. While I would give a slight edge to Princess over HAL, either one would suit me just fine.

I had sailed Celebrity five times, along with Princess and HAL, but would not go near Celebrity after the major problems that I encountered while onboard the Summit and the ensuing total lack of care by the home office of Celebrity.

If one was going to try Celebrity I would only recommend trying one of the newer ships and would definitely recommend passing on the older Celebrity ships.

As far as the food on Celebrity, my opinion is that it is very close to other mass market cruise lines. Even though Celebrity did get rid of their head Chef several years ago and there have been some cuts in the food department, I donít see anyone having any problem finding something good to eat on Celebrity.

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