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Default Individual Ships

Felix I agree with you about the Soltice..the MDR food is so-so according to my taste and Murano's is to die for, I've already made reservations for two nights on the Equinox.. Yes.. each ship is an individual and should be judged separately,but if I've had a bad experience overall on a line as I did on Princess... I am hard pressed to want to spend my $$$ b ack on the line again. Personally, I love the smaller ships, but there was never a time on the Soltice when I felt there crowded. Yes, I'm proud to say Celebrity is my line of choice and cruised other lines recently, but I do cruise it with an unbiased eye.. I do not work for Celebrity, nor do I consider myself "a cheerleader". What many people comment on whether it's the decor, art work, rugs, etc. mean little to me. I can only say that never in more than 25 years of cruising have I ever experienced such incredible service from all the staff on this ship.. and the main problem that week was the entertainment and I certainly don't intend to harp on t his for the rest of my cruising life and comments. (read my review for my honest and unbiased opinion)

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