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I am someone who prefers a balcony. I did an inside once............once.

When I had the inside cabin it was on Statendam. While it was a nice sized cabin, (180 sq. ft.) great ship and a fantastic fourteen day China/Asia itinerary, I developed inside cabin psychosis after three or four days. I wanted to rip the fake curtains off the wall. Yeah: Like there's really a window back there. I wanted to drag the useless couch outside and throw it overboard. All it did was take up space and serve as a place to pile stuff on. Can you say someone got a bit "grumpy".

In the morning I was out of that cabin so fast it would make your head spin. I was the guy on deck at 5:30 a.m. in a t-shirt and sweat pants.

The thing I really noticed, on that cruise, was that there were MANY people sleeping in the public lounges. I guess it's OK to get out of the cabin but don't make the lounges look like the day room at Happy Acres.

Now it's only a balcony cabin. Someday I may try an outside cabin but it will be a short cruise.

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