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well, it is disappointing, not that the single cabins do not look out onto the lounge, but that the promo information said that they do. It makes me wonder if there are several mis- statements about the ship.

I do like to walk the deck. Is there a deck or two suitable for this? probably couldn't walk the entire ship at once-- it is so large.!

If there are virtually no closets in the small (single) cabin, what does one do on a 2 week cruise for storage?

Also is there a way to refill water bottles every day with drinking water? I use a lot of it and do not like being charged for every sip. How easy is it to get ice?

Have you found out the quality of the food since the ship has now been in service awhile? It didn't sound so great from the first review.

Are you able to find out if the embarkation has been streamlined a bit?

I have made a down payment on a Nov. cruise Not too sure this is for me.

Is there a library?

Thanks in advance. I know I have asked a lot.

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