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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post

I'm sorry to hear that you were ill, but that could happen on any sailing on any line. Celebrity actually has had a far lower frequency of Norovirus than many other lines.

Do you suppose that being ill for half of the cruise might have affected your ability to enjoy the food and the entertainment?

[qupte=You]When we returned home, Celebrity is very unwilling to offer proper compensation. All they are offering is 48 hrs toward a future cruise which is a standard form letter.
What compensation do you expect, and on what basis? You received the cruise for which you paid, didn't you?

Do you really believe that any major other cruise line would have given you anything more than what Celebrity offered you?



They have been having a problem with Noro on Connie since she came out of drydock. I understand that there was compensation given on board which of course they did not have to do.

I also agree that no compensation is due....
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