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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
Exactly,Debra had a bad experience on one of the M class ships and has not let anyone forget about it since then. All the M class ships are getting a major makeover, one of them already has and they will be around for a long time. They will soon all have most of the elements of Celebrity's S class ships which are proving to be very popular. Celebrity is not any more upscale than some of the other lines, they used to be but they are not now however they do have better service and food than the lines Debra mentioned. There is a difference between upscale and having better service, they are two different things...
Nurse Debra who has "harped" on the same bad experience 3-5 years ago puts down Celebrity because of that one experience.. I had the same overall experience on a Princess cruise....There is a feeling of CLASSY when your on a Celebrity ship. whether it's the newer Soltice sized or the M size..It's a gut feeling. But then again.. she phoo phoos the upscale readers and cruisers of Conde Naste when they put Celebrity way above Princess...But then again... she knows better and I would defy her to go back on the same ship she had a problem with years and years ago.
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