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a new question: I like a glass of joice and coffee before I face the world. Would room service be prompt with that--and how much to tip?( There are no coffee makers in cabins are there?)
No - they do not put coffeee makers in the studio staterooms, but they do in the regular cabins.

Yes, you can order room service in the studio stateroom - just like any other cabin. You even get breakfast cards you can hang on the door the night before and have your breakfast delivered the next day at the time you specify.

Also, how does one get ice? Is there some in the lounge that guests may help themselves to?

You cannot access the ice in the lounge unless the bartender is there (about 11:00 am to 7:00 pm). Your room steward WILL leave you ice in the bucket in your room. He should check it regularly, but if it is empty and you want to make sure it gets filled just leave it out.

Room stewards come on duty in the mornings and during dinner - in case you didnt know. They watch to see when you are out so they can go in and clean the room.

Again, Thank you,
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