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There is a huge difference between one person's experiences not being good, while the rest of the passengers probably had a great time. On any cruise you are bound to have a few people grossing about this or that, but what I unfortunately discovered that these long running propulsion problems, when they happen, they affect everyone on board. At the end of the day it comes down to a few personal experiences, from one person, that may have been good or bad or the experiences of tens of thousands of unspectiong cruisers who happened to be on one of these ships while it was was experiencing this long standing problem.

My whole point is that my experience was not one person's experience on one of the Celebrity Mclass ships, but a poor experience of all 1,900 passengers who were on board. To make matters worse I discovered, after the fact, that there have been more than twenty cruises that resulted in similar disappointments of cancelled ports and shortened port times because of Celebrity's decision to sail these defective ships. There is definitely two sides to Celebrity and my choice is to not to gamble with my vacation dollars on any of these ships; others can make up their own minds.

I agree with Don that Celebrity used to be at the top of the choices in cruise ships and I admit that six years ago I was recommending Celebrity to hundreds of people, but NOT anymore. I would not argue that the newer Celebrity ships are an example of Celebrity starting, at long last, to move in the right direction.

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