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so to clearify ... on Carnival .. you can legally "carry on" one bottle of "wine" per person, they check to make sure it is sealed. You can also carry on limited amounts of soft drinks and bottled water .. which is also subject to being checked to see if it is "sealed" (it is not hard to dump out 7UP or Sprite and replace with any clear alcohol, the trick is to make it appear "sealed") The checked luggage is another story, I have had wine bubble wrapped in my checked luggage with no problem, but on the same cruise I talked with some people who had their luggage held, because of suspicous bottles that were either wine or hard liquor .. so you just don't know. The wine package on Carnival is not bad, I think it's either 5 or 6 bottles for around $120.00, yep it's more than you would pay for it at home, but is still much less than you would pay for an individual glass or bottle at dinner.

Ok so my mind is twisted when I first read the title of this thread, my first thought was Oh you're new to wine ... just drink it Sorry sometimes those things just jump out

But why is the rum gone? ~ Capt. Jack Sparrow

also booked: 10/10/13 Carnival Victory B2B, 01/12/14 Carnival Sunshine

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