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Originally Posted by nlb1050 View Post
johnthed0g from your post "Well......if we want to read or just sit around & we can't be up on deck we sit on our balcony & watch the world (or the sea) go by, people who have inside cabins tend to have nowhere to go & haunt the public areas, like bars & coffee shops, therefore using up all the seats preventing those who actually want to buy something from sitting down. "

I take exception to this. You are trying to make that people who have inside cabins don't spend any extra money on a cruise. Some people like us take inside cabins so we do have the extra money to spend on board. I have seen many times when those with inside cabins spend as much if not more than those in balconies.

Are people in inside cabins not allowed to be any place other than the cabin.

The public areas are for anyone to use. If someone is not spending money and causing others who do want to spend to not be able to sit then I'm sure someone would say something to them about moving on.

With these thoughts of yours it definitely makes you one person I would not want to meet on board. But I do hope that you are always able to enjoy any cruise you are on.
I agree with nlb .. I always have had an inside cabin, but I don't like being told that I "haunt" the public areas.. I enjoy them just like everybody else does. Lounges are there for people to sit, read, take in the scenery. I only get an inside cabin because I don't like being cooped up all day and I like to have that little extra $$ to go on excursions, go shopping, etc..

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