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Originally Posted by You View Post
Lower emissions is a good thing, and after moaning and groaning the cruiselines will do what they have to do.
Remember when the car manufacturers complained about un-leaded gasoline?
I remember a drop of about 10% to 20% in the fuel economy of comparable cars from 1970 to 1975, as the initial fuel economy standards took effect here in the States. The problem, quite simply, is that the technology to make more efficient engines was not quite ready, so the automobile manufacturers had to slap on costly band-aid solutions to meet the clean air requirements. In the end, less aggressive implementation of the original clean air standards would have allowed manufacturers to remain focused on more efficient engines that would have run cleaner while providing better fuel economy. The result forced a slowdonw

Are the latest mandates appropriate or too aggressive? Here in the States, our present administration simply does not care about the cost of its agenda. Thus, I don't know the details of the new requirements, but I would bet on the side of too aggressive.

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