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Default Re: Prices drop again

Here is the way I have always done it. When I book a cruise I always go to the Celebrity web page and see what the price is for the cabin I am booking. Even though the price our TA is charging is always lower, it will still give me a base price. I then check the web page once a week to see what the prices are doing. If they have gone down I call my TA and he will ask for an adjustment. Don't rely on your TA to watch the prices for you. You might have a great TA, and I do, but I don't think any TA can be expected to watch all their bookings all the time. That is just too much to expect. Don't wait until time of final payment to check. By that time the prices very well could have gone down and then back up. Also don't expect this to work on every cruise you take. Sometimes bookings for a cruise date will be strong all the way to sailing or the ship might even sell out. No reason for the cruise line to lower rates in that case. The sailings in the Caribbean for the first quarter of 2002 seem to be very weak right now. We booked this cruise in May, and the prices have gone down twice so far. Also, try and take care of your TA. Remember, when they go to work to help you get a price adjustment, in most cases they are also losing some commission. Give their name to others who might be considering a cruise, or try to put a group together. Try and help them and they will try to help you.
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