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Default why the burks did not pay refunds

Its all about the law,

as long as they promis trips on other sailings (even though they lied)
their is no point in suing them , the burks knew this.
but many people were frustrated by there inability to fix a ship but kept promissing they would but did not. but people held on like they would.

the reason why most people could not understand why they were doing this is most suits against people have a 2 year statute of limitation, meaning you have two years to bring action against them or your done.

since they were regestered as a US corp thats a 6year statute of limitation, so for all this time they pretended to be in business making false promisses till the statute of limitations ran out, now they owe nothing to their creditors that dident bring action. it was all a plan.

the new owners of WJ proberbly bought them for storage charges.
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