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Default The Dangers of Cruising!!!

I need your help here. The recent shooting on St. Thomas brings up the question of who is responsible for notifying cruisers about possibly dangerous places or situations on cruise ships and their ports of call.

I am asking you to list certain dangerous aspects of cruising - so we can give readers a legitimate list of the most possibly dangerous places or situations involved in taking a cruise.

For example - most of us know that Jamaica is not an island where you want to go walking on your own - especially in a major city like Ocho Rios or Montego Bay.

Or from a different perspective, we also know it is not a good idea to let a stranger into your stateroom at any time, unless you know them. By that, I mean an uninvited knock on your door in the middle of the night should be ignored, and you should make sure you have the deadbolt on. If anyone legitimately needs to contact you they can use the house phone.

So - can anyone tell me any legitimate dangers of cruise vacations? I am hoping we can compile a complete list of what NOT to do and where NOT to go on any cruise vacation...
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