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Thanks, glad you like the idea...

Here are a few more:

Never try to sit on a railing. I will even admit I once (very absent mindedly) almost stepped up to do it. Of course there were people around I was talking to and it was a small ship. I only got a few inches off the ground before I went "wait - what am I doing?" and stopped, but I can see someone being drunk & alone doing it.

But there is the story of a photog on Carnival who got up high on something to get a better camera shot (a table or something - they never said) and he lost his balance and fell over a railing. He did not make it.

NEVER go shopping alone in Jamaica, or Recife/Bahia.

Never buy drugs in a port, there is a good chance you will get busted and then you could be in bigger trouble than you ever imagined. Do not get into stranger's cars in ports, accept rides or the like. Do not accept drinks from strangers. Do not wear expensive jewelry or carry expensive cameras into quiet back neighborhoods in Caribbean towns.

Always negotiate taxi fares before you get in - if they say "its by meter" then say "about how much is it?" so they won't pull any fast ones.
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