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Default Diabetics

I am a Type 2 diabetic, for last 21 years. I always take my meds, meter, test strips and needles in my carryon. Ihave made 33 trips across Atlantic, and 3 trips across Pacific.
Also 5 cruises.
I carry a letter from my doctor, a wallet card listing my meds, and a Medi-Alert charm around my neck.
I have never had any problem crossing borders (Israel-Egypt)(Israel-Jordan)(china-Mongolia)(Mongolia-Russia)(Mexico)(Costa Rica)

Never have had a problem. Problem is usually finding a fridge to put meds that need to be kept cold. Used medical office on NCL Norway, minibars elsewhere, small fridge on desk on NCL, and the bar fridge on a Danube cruise. I also carry a small plastic sharps box about 6-inches long.

When flying, I use a small special pack with pockets for freeze packs.

Just think ahead, and make sure you have everything you need.


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