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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Don't buy fake "designer goods" in Italy, my wife was handed a handbag to look at in Venice & was pounced on by police while the "vendor'' ran off. I found the whole thing most distressing from my hiding place in a nearby shop, not distressed enough to assist I may add, even after I had stopped laughing....
Hey you took mine.;-) Before I went to Italy I read an article about a tourist that was fined for buying confeit goods in Italy it's a good thing your wife didn't buy that handbag. It's not dangerous, but it could be costly mistake.

Also Italy is know for pick pockets so I suggest you wear a money belt around your waist not around your neck. You can get hurt if a pick pocket on a scooter rips the money purse from around your neck. I tucked a few Euros in my bra for easy spending money. If they are able to pick pocket me from there at least I get a little somthing in return.

One last thing on Italy be certain you are using a licensed tour guide if you use an unlicensed illegal tour guide could be arrested during the tour and you will be left alone in some unknown part of Italy.

BTW Taxi drivers are crazy in Italy if you are in Rome you are better off on the Metro. Are taxi drive also hit a guy in a wheelchair. It was so close even the driver was freaked out.

Here are some articles on Counterfeit products and illegal tour guides.
Italy Fines tourists who buy counterfeits - Venice for Visitors

From the Colosseum to Saint Peter’s Basilica, illegal tour guides plague Rome
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