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Default Yes,they would

Originally Posted by katlady View Post
I don't mean to pick on your friends. But would they ever have done that in the USA/Canada? It's funny some people on vacation take risks they would never take in there own country. I lived in a bad area of town for 7 years and I have been robbed at gun point at my former place of employment. Maybe these experience make me more cautious. But I would never go up to a complete strange with a large amount of cash showing and ask for a ride.

My dad was in San Francisco and a homeless person was asking for money he pulled out a wad of bills. We yelled at him later for flashing money around doing that is super dangerous. So I guess I would add this to the list. Always keep a small amount in a different place then the rest of your money that way it never looks like you have a lot of cash.
This was in the early 70's ,they were in their 20's .They very likely would have done so in this country or Canada .
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