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By the way - in South America you also have to watch out for young ladies acting like prostitutes, they will start to touch men's chests and hips, but they are really feeling for wallets.

Not that I would ever even tolerate that, but the thing is that it happens before you even realize what is happening. She can say hi and the next thing you know her hands is on you someplace.

This is like the Gypsy, thing. The idea is to distract you as they take your money. Gypsy kids will also surround you.

The one I hate is where they give you a flower, and then say $1. You try to hand it back and they wont take it, they just keep saying $1. You hate to throw it in the ground (but you can set it down gently on a table).

Theone thing that really gets to me is being touched bya stranger, though. In a public street, if a vendor touches me to try to steer me iinto his stall or whatever, I just freeak out. I will say to them "don't touch me" and if they do it again I say it again, much louder and emphatically.
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